About Us

We strive to be the best education travel company worldwide while giving each group a unique area of difference that is fully developed to meet the needs of each group. Sageprogram.org opens up all the countries and destinations we visit by including hands on enriching cultural practices and activities and selected outdoor adventures while meeting fascinating people, events and places.

Majority of our programs are focused on student on a curriculum but cover the young, youth and adults and are enjoyed in groups. Our core objective is to give a learning experience to the groups while on site to help them in mastering this part of their school work.

Sageprogram.org controls and manages all the programs and activities in a responsible manner to ensure the environment and other social resources are preserved. We ensure the risk to the safety and health of all our customers, employees and the public are noted and prompt action is taken to counter any effects as soon as possible. Our company’s educational travel is about being respectful to the different communities we meet, the places and culture that we encounter and if possible actively integrate and interact or support them. The way we operate supports the local community.