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Study and Service in India STUDENT

Dear World Traveler,

I am pleased to introduce the SAGE Program to you! SAGE provides a wide variety of exciting opportunities for high school, Gap and college students, as well as educators and school groups, to travel, volunteer and study abroad. What distinguishes SAGE from other programs similar to ours? The 20 years of experience we have and the exceptional quality of the programs we offer!

Our High School Study Abroad program features two of the highest rated international schools within India: Woodstock School and Kodaikanal International School. Both schools in our Global Schools Consortium are world renowned, with graduates attending some of the best colleges and universities in the world. As a SAGE student, you will be studying, living and learning with some of the best and the brightest students from around the world.

Growing increasingly popular are our Gap Year & Volunteer Service programs, which offer the opportunity to study, volunteer and explore in countries around the world, while gaining valuable skills Quote and experience for future educational and career goals. Research has shown that students who take time off to pursue their passions and interests are much more focused and prepared when they return to college.

In our Custom Group Travel program, SAGE offers an extensive network of contacts and resources in each of the locations we work in. This allows us to offer custom designed itineraries and cultural immersion experiences that meet the unique needs of each individual group. SAGE does not offer standardized “cookie cutter” tours but rather transformative educational journeys where each participant discovers their world and themselves in new ways. Our programs are specifically designed to inform, challenge, inspire and engage students to think critically and become active global citizens.


Whether you are a student, teacher or lifelong adventurer, our goal at SAGE is to engage each participant in the vital issues of today’s complex world and to create globally minded citizens and leaders capable of making a difference in our world.

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Nathan Kumar Scott
Executive Director
Studies Abroad for Global Education