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About Kodaikanal International


Kodaikanal International School boasts more than 110 years of global education. Kodai is an independent multicultural, coeducational K-12 boarding school that offers the International Baccalaureate and American curricula.

Kodai combines an ambitious, challenging academic program and a rich range of extracurricular activities within a Christian values framework that draws on a variety of cultures and prepares students for global citizenship.

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Kodaikanal International School is located in southern India in the peaceful Palani Hills at an elevation of 7000 feet in a region known for its rugged beauty and cool temperate sub-tropical climate. The school is situated in the heart of Kodaikanal town, overlooking the wooded surroundings of beautiful Kodai Lake.

The School

Founded in 1901, Kodaikanal School is an independent multicultural, coeducational K-12 boarding school. Recently ranked as one of the top international schools in India, Kodai School combines an ambitious, challenging academic program and a rich range of extracurricular activities within a Christian framework that draws on a variety of cultures and religions as it prepares students for global citizenship.

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Students and Faculty

Kodai presently has close to 600 students in K-12 representing over 30 countries. Over half of the student body is from India, with the rest representing nationalities from all over the globe. Kodai School has a diverse staff with currently over 20 nationalities represented. The student to teacher ratio is roughly 7:1.

High School

Students casually stroll through the open air campus consisting of several traditional stone buildings topped with terracotta tile roofs set amongst verdant gardens and lawns. The 'quad' with its covered verandahs and heritage tree has a distinct collegiate feel. Kodaikanal high school students live in dorms in and around Kodai town and walk through the market to get to school. As an American accredited high school, all students graduate from Kodai with an internationally recognized high school diploma. The IB Diploma program is optional for grades 11 and 12 and runs alongside the high school diploma program. The school has an active college placement office onsite as almost all students continue onto higher education mostly in the US, Canada, U.K. and in India.

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Kodai takes the responsibility of developing leaders of the future seriously. Students play an active a role in defining school culture and developing leadership skills through programs in social experience, cultural field trips, community service and outdoor education. Leadership opportunities exist in such programs as: Model UN, Global Youth Conference, National Honor Society, Amnesty International and Student Council. Other after school activities include art, music , drama, service projects, special events, and sports such as canoeing, rowing, yoga, dance, hip hop. The outdoor education center provides great hiking and camping trips. Regular weekend events keep students busy with planning and preparing for social events and dances, attending cultural events and celebrating international events.

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Kodaikanal Values

Kodaikanal International School values the following guiding principles as pre-eminent for all aspects of its community life:

  • Accountability: All members of the community should be able to justify their actions according to the effective pursuit of the mission and goals of the School and the particular requirements of their roles.
  • Appreciation: Individuals of all groups will appreciate all other members of the community for their individuality, their gender and their specific cultural identity.
  • Concern for Others: All members of the community will care for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all other members of the community to the best of their ability.
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  • Consistency: Policies will be justly applied to all members of the community and to the pursuit of the school's mission and goals.
  • Context: The school, without losing its global and Christian character, will be engaged with its local, India and South Asian contexts in all aspects of its program.
  • Cooperation: All members of the community will work together and resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Integrity: Truthfulness and the open sharing of information are the accepted standards of the school.
  • Openness: The school consistently draws on the best resources, models and ideas available in the world in pursuit of its mission.
  • Performance: The school expects the highest possible level of achievement will be pursued by each person.
  • Reverence: All members of the community will seek to develop their own inner, spiritual life and respect the spiritual efforts of others.

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Approximate Tuition and Fees

$11,000 / SEMESTER

$22,000/ FULL YEAR

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