From Gandhi to Globalization

Trip Highlights

Learn about Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian independence movement; live in a remote Indian village; work alongside a Gandhi-inspired development organization; visit modern Indian business leaders and centers and explore how globalization is transforming India on a daily basis! Look to this summer study abroad to get a whole new level of international awareness; “global citizens” are often how alumni of this program describe themselves.

Trip Description

Week One

Mahatma-Gandhi-and-to-the-effects-of-globalizationFly into India’s capital city of New Delhi for your orientation to the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and to the effects of globalization. Talk with Gandhi’s modern followers and learn about his principles of simplicity and nonviolence, visit a call center and speak with Indian information technology (IT) executives. Then take the train to the “Pink City” of Jaipur in Rajasthan to observe the work of the Indian Development Exchange and see the royal palaces of former Maharajas.

Week Two

Take the overnight train to the “Lake City” of Udaipur in Rajasthan where you will spend the week with the Indian rural development organization Seva Mandir. Learn about the important work which Seva Mandir does in rural India, and then spend several days and nights in a remote village where Seva Mandir has a project site. Through this experience you will witness Gandhi’s principles in action, and encounter a more simple and philosophical way of life.

Week Three

Continue south by train to the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Gandhi’s home state, and visit the first “ashram” which he set up on the banks of the Sabarmati River. In Ahmedabad, visit other organizations empowering women, teaching non-violence, and doing ecological restoration work. Finally, visit the booming metropolis of Mumbai to experience the contrast between traditional and hyper-modern Indian life, and reflect on how your earlier village experience compares with more urban, affluent, and contemporary lifestyles in India.

“The Gandhi to Globalization trip was absolutely amazing. The people, transportation, travel arrangements, sightseeing, voluntary work, and everything in between were perfect. Thank you for creating a fantastic trip!”
-Erika Chavez, Los Angeles, CA

Throughout the journey you will experience the sensations of daily Indian life by shopping at open markets, visiting palaces and temples, riding camels, eating traditional Indian meals, and visiting the Taj Mahal.

Travel DetailsOn this journey, students spend time thinking critically about their summer study abroad experiences, and discuss their new level of awareness. Global citizenship becomes a theme as students explore how these new life lessons can be integrated into their daily thoughts and practices.

Travel Details

Students and Trip Leaders meet and depart from Newark airport, then fly on to New Delhi, returning from Mumbai.