SAGE Gap Year Programs

What’s the Difference?

SAGE offers a variety of experiences for individuals looking for a meaningful experience abroad. You will find detailed descriptions of each of our programs throughout the world, but first, decide which experience is best for you…

A “Gap Program” is typically defined as an experience during the semester or year between high school and college. Often, students are seeking an enriching experience abroad before they jump back in the classroom, and look to volunteer, adventure, or study abroad programs. SAGE’s Gap Programs are also ideal for students who are interested in taking a semester or longer off of school or work to expand their experiences and develop their long-term goals.

Gap Programs have defined beginning and end dates and are typically a combination of various experiences including service projects, physical activities, travel and study. They provide the opportunity to establish unique bonds with peers within the program and give a sense of camaraderie between individuals from around the world. Gap programs are culturally immersive and life-changing experiences that allow participants to develop leadership skills, push their boundaries and gain a greater understanding of the world.

Volunteer Programs are ideal for independent young adults who wish to dedicate their time to service projects throughout the world. Participants come from a variety of backgrounds: from high school students seeking a meaningful summer abroad to college graduates who desire experience before establishing their career. SAGE volunteers come from around the world and unite to make a difference.

SAGE’s volunteer programs offer a great amount of flexibility and allow participants to choose where, when and for how long they wish to volunteer. Volunteers also choose the issues that they are interested in and work with projects that match these interests. The opportunity to live with local families and take Spanish lessons provides volunteers with a unique cultural immersion experience. Volunteer programs are a great way for students to gain hands-on experience in a field of their choice and delve into a new language and culture.